Integrity, Honesty, and a Positive Attitude Earn Rockweiler Insulation Top Recognition

Award Badge - Top 25 Insulation Contractors

The Walls & Ceilings Magazine’s third annual roster of the country’s top insulation contractors has been released and lists Rockweiler Insulation one of best for 2021! Founder Gary Rockweiler established Rockweiler Insulation in 1983 to specialize in insulation for new and existing homes. Their success and recognition is based on the principles of integrity, honesty, … Read more

Focus on Energy 2020 Incentives Are Here!

man saving energy by turning down the thermostat

For years the Focus on Energy program has provided a variety of incentives to offset the cost of home energy improvements. Historically to qualify for these incentives, pre and post energy audits have been required. The program is now easier than ever. Effective April 1, 2020 Focus on Energy added some easier ways to qualify for incentives. You will know … Read more

Attics and Basements – Where to Insulate and Why

Blown-in Insulation in attic

Most homeowners think of upgrading their home’s insulation during fall and winter. This is when homeowners hear their furnaces run, begin to feel the pinch of high energy bills and notice cold areas around their homes. If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s insulation, here are two areas to address: Attic When air escapes a … Read more

Why to Hire a Professional Insulation Contractor

Man installing fiberglass wall insulation

It’s common for homeowners to tackle home upgrades and DIY projects. If you’re thinking of installing your own insulation, think again! Properly insulating a structure is more than throwing insulation into a wall. Our estimators regularly receive calls asking us to fix improperly installed insulation. Quality insulation involves sealing air leaks and properly installing fiberglass … Read more

Avoid Home Repair Scams – Tips from NARI

storm damage of fallen tree

Has your home been damaged by summer storms? This time of year, many homeowners become victims of home repair scams. Con artists often show up at a homeowner’s door after a disaster, offering an array of services and demanding a hefty down payment up front. They might offer a “great deal,” based on using materials … Read more

Insulation in Summer – Why it Matters

Hot temperature showing summer swimming

If you see sky-high summer energy costs, we have a lesson for you about home insulation. Insulation isn’t something to think about only during the winter. Your home uses energy year round, whether you’re heating or cooling.  Energy loss can occur just as easily during the summer when you’re running your air conditioning system as … Read more

Fiberglass + Air Sealing = Exceptional Performance

Fiberglass insulation in walls

Looking for exceptional energy performance and sound control for a new home or remodeling project? Look no further than the powerful combination of fiberglass insulation and air sealing. The combination of air sealing and properly installed fiberglass insulation provides superb energy performance. This combination provides exceptional energy efficiency at a lower price point than spray … Read more