Award Badge - Top 25 Insulation Contractors.

Integrity, Honesty, and a Positive Attitude Earn Rockweiler Insulation Top Recognition

The Walls & Ceilings Magazine’s third annual roster of the country’s top insulation contractors has been released and lists Rockweiler Insulation one of best for … Read more
Man adjusting a thermostat.

Focus on Energy 2020 Incentives Are Here!

For years the Focus on Energy program has provided a variety of incentives to offset the cost of home energy improvements. Historically to qualify for these incentives, … Read more
Man installing blown-in wall system.

Tips for Finding a Reputable Contractor

Today many homeowners go to the internet to choose a contractor. There are many websites that a homeowner can visit to help with their contractor … Read more
Worker installing blown-in insulation in attic floor.

Attics and Basements – Where to Insulate and Why

Most homeowners think of upgrading their home’s insulation during fall and winter. This is when homeowners hear their furnaces run, begin to feel the pinch … Read more
Man installing fiberglass wall insulation.

Why to Hire a Professional Insulation Contractor

It’s common for homeowners to tackle home upgrades and DIY projects. If you’re thinking of installing your own insulation, think again! Properly insulating a structure … Read more
Person looks at the storm damage caused by a fallen tree on a house.

Avoid Home Repair Scams – Tips from NARI

Has your home been damaged by summer storms? This time of year, many homeowners become victims of home repair scams. Con artists often show up … Read more
Raised porch and deck in back of house.

Three Insulation Tips for Your Multi-Season Room

Wisconsin residents know summer is a precious time of year! Seasons can swing from cold and rainy to humid and muggy, then back to cold … Read more
Thermometer showing hot temperatures, people in the background enjoying a pond.

Insulation in Summer – Why It Matters

If you see sky-high summer energy costs, we have a lesson for you about home insulation. Insulation isn’t something to think about only during the … Read more
Rockweiler Insulation truck with older logo, insulation hoses.

Rockweiler Insulation Startup: Observations from a Fifth Grader

Each day kids see their parents go to work — whether they work in their own business or work for someone else. It’s very different … Read more
Fiberglass insulation in walls.

Fiberglass + Air Sealing = Exceptional Performance

Looking for exceptional energy performance and sound control for a new home or remodeling project? Look no further than the powerful combination of fiberglass insulation … Read more
Man installing dense packed insulation in sidewall of house.

Adding Sidewall Insulation in an Existing Home

If your home was built prior to or during the 1960s, it’s a tossup if it has insulation in exterior walls. Even if your home … Read more
Long, dangerous icicles on a brick house roof.

Protect Your Home from Ice Dams

The icicles hanging from your roof may signal a problem. Icicles can be a sign of ice dams — chunks of ice that form along … Read more