Focus on Energy Incentives Are Here!

Updated June 2023

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Would you like to be rewarded for improving your home’s energy efficiency? Did you know there are several incentive programs in place to do just that? When you upgrade your home’s insulation and energy efficiency you not only create a more comfortable living environment for you and your family, but you also make the world a better place by reducing your home’s energy consumption. Read on to learn more about the available incentive programs, such as Focus on Energy, created to offset the costs of home energy improvements and find out which ones you may qualify for.

Focus on Energy Program

This program provides financial incentives and rebates for energy-efficient upgrades, including insulation improvements for residential and business properties. Pre and post energy audits have historically been required, but effective April 1, 2020, easier ways have been added to qualify for incentives. All improvements must be performed by a Focus on Energy Trade Ally (Great news! Rockweiler Insulation is a Focus on Energy Trade Ally!) and you’ll know your expected incentive amount upfront.

Here is a simple overview* of some of the program’s incentives and how the process works:

  • Attic insulation incentive
    • Insulate and air seal 600 or more square feet of attic space to qualify for an incentive.
    • The attic must currently have an insulation level of R19 or less to qualify.
  • Wall insulation incentive
    • Insulate at least 800 square feet of exterior wall or at least 400 square feet of framed floor to qualify for an incentive.
    • The wall cavity must currently have an insulation level of R0 and the framed floor an insulation of R19 or less.
  • Additional Requirements
    • Must be a customer of a participating utility.
    • At least 51% of the home’s heating comes from that participating utility.
    • A CO/gas leak detector is required on each floor.
  • Testing
    • On the day of installation our team will perform a simple spillage test to make sure the water heater is drafting properly and your home will be safe following air sealing and insulation.
  • Payment
    • Our office will supply the proper paperwork to confirm that qualifying work was performed. We will gather your utility provider account number, a signature, and then we’ll do the rest.  You can expect a check from FOCUS within 4-6 weeks.

*For further program details and the most up-to-date incentive requirements visit

Other Ways to Save

Along with the Focus on Energy program, you might be also interested in some of these other ways to save on home energy upgrades:

  • Home Energy Plus Program – This program offers assistance and incentives for income-qualified households to improve energy efficiency, which may include insulation upgrades.
  • Federal Tax Credits – Through the new 2023 Inflation Reduction Act, homeowners maybe eligible for federal tax credits for certain energy-efficient home improvements, including insulation installation.
  • Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) – This program assists eligible low-income households in reducing energy costs through weatherization measures, which can include insulation upgrades.

We’re Here to Help

With all the outstanding incentive programs available, it’s easier than ever to qualify for home energy upgrade incentives to enjoy a more comfortable home! Take the time today to see which programs you qualify for. Not only will a more energy efficient home save you money on your energy bills, but incentive programs can also put even more money back into your pocket. Contact our office today with any questions you have about insulation, air sealing or Focus on Energy incentives. We are here to help our Madison community become more energy efficient one home at a time.