Insulation in Summer – Why It Matters

Thermometer showing hot temperatures, people in the background enjoying a pond.

If you see sky-high summer energy costs, we have a lesson for you about home insulation. Insulation isn’t something to think about only during the winter. Your home uses energy year round, whether you’re heating or cooling.  Energy loss can occur just as easily during the summer when you’re running your air conditioning system as … Read more

Rockweiler Insulation Employee Named Installer of the Year

Worker holding a large CEE Award check.

The team at Rockweiler Insulation is thrilled to announce Aaron Calvert received the ExCEEd on the Job Installer of the Year Award at the Owens Corning™ Certified Energy Expert® (CEE) National Meeting held in May in Scottsdale, Arizona. The ExCEEd on the Job award recognizes insulation installers who go above and beyond to ensure excellence … Read more

Continuing Education Is Important to Us! Rockweiler Hosts HPIP Regional Training.

Woman member of Rockweiler team selfie with others sitting at long tables in the background.

Rockweiler Insulation recently had the opportunity to host a free regional training in conjunction with HPIP (High Performance Insulation Professionals) for insulators and other construction professionals. Attendees learned the best techniques to achieve grade-one installation standards as well as job safety, building codes, building science, and more. It was a great opportunity for our entire organization to … Read more