What to Expect When Rockweiler Insulation Insulates Your Basement Box Sills

Worker in coveralls spraying insulation

For most homeowners, working with a contractor can feel like a daunting experience. We want our customers to feel prepared for their installation and to make it a smooth experience for our installer team. Here are some steps to help prepare your home for adding insulation to your basement box sills:

Preparation before the crew arrives:

  • Clear away the space three to four feet around the perimeter of your basement walls. This allows for the install crew to move freely and have room to place a ladder to reach the top of the box sill, ensuring they do the best job possible. Remove all items from top shelves near the perimeter – especially anything fragile and/or valuable as a precaution.
  • Plan to be out of your home during the install process and for four to six hours after the install is complete. This allows time for any fumes from the spray foam insulation to ventilate and dissipate. We take this rule very seriously — our crew will not begin installing spray foam until the house is vacated. This goes not just for your family, but also for your pets.

During the installation:

  • When our crew arrives they will begin by removing and disposing of any existing fiberglass insulation in the box sill area. After the existing insulation is disposed of, our crew will do an additional clean-out of the box sill cavities so the spray foam has a clean surface to adhere to. Finally, any large items such as a washer and/or dryer will be covered with visqueen.  All of this prep work usually takes about an hour.
  • Once the prep work is done, spray foam insulation is applied. A reminder — this is when the house will need to be vacant.

Post-install clean-up:

  • After spray foam is applied, our crew will clean up any additional debris as needed. They will lock up your home per instructions you have provided.
  • Our crew is happy to call to let you know when the job is complete and they are leaving your house. This can help you to know when you may return to your home after the recommended ventilation time. Please let your crew leader know if you would like a call.

Have other questions about your install? Please contact us today!