Energy Bill Saver: The Fiberglass & Air Sealing Combo You Need

Updated Dec 2023

When it comes to insulating your Madison area home, the combination of fiberglass insulation and air sealing is a powerful duo that delivers exceptional performance. In this blog post, we’ll explore the individual benefits of fiberglass insulation and air sealing and how their synergy enhances the energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality of your southern Wisconsin home.

Understanding Fiberglass Insulation

Under construction room with insulation

Fiberglass insulation, composed of finely spun glass fibers, has become a go-to choice for homeowners and builders alike. Its popularity stems from a perfect balance of affordability and effectiveness. Available in various forms such as fiberglass batts and blown-in, fiberglass insulation provides versatile insulation options for your different insulation needs.

Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation

Choosing to use fiberglass insulation allows you to enjoy its many benefits, such as its excellent thermal insulation properties that make it a top choice for regulating indoor temperatures. Beyond thermal benefits, it resists moisture and mold growth, ensuring longevity and healthy indoor environments. What’s even more appealing is fiberglass’ eco-friendliness, thanks to the recycled content in its composition.

The Role of Air Sealing

Air leaks are found in every home. Common sources of air leaks, such as windows, doors, and construction penetration points, can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency by allowing air to infiltrate or escape through these areas. Eliminating your home’s gaps and cracks with air sealing is a crucial component in creating a more energy efficient home or building for you and your family to enjoy throughout the year.

Combining Fiberglass Insulation and Air Sealing

The real magic happens when fiberglass insulation and air sealing work hand in hand. Properly installed fiberglass can reduce air infiltration, maximizing its effectiveness. Implementing various air sealing techniques, including the use of foam insulation and sealing the gaps around your windows and doors with weatherstripping, complement fiberglass insulation for a comprehensive, high-performance solution.

Improved Energy Efficiency

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When it comes to our homes, most of us want to save money, energy, and the planet. Utilizing the combined approach of fiberglass insulation and air sealing in your home is the perfect way to achieve all three. You’ll enjoy substantial energy savings, reduced energy bills, and a positive environmental impact through lower greenhouse gas emissions with this cost-effective solution. Once again, this high-performance duo proves that sustainability can go hand in hand with efficiency.

Enhanced Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

But wait, there’s more. Beyond energy efficiency, the combination of insulation and air sealing also contributes to the enhanced comfort and indoor air quality of your home. Installing effective insulation prevents drafts and temperature fluctuations, creating a cozy indoor environment all year long. Simultaneously, air sealing reduces allergens and pollutants, promoting a healthier living space for you and your family. This is especially significant for family members with asthma or breathing problems.

Committed to Creating an Energy Efficient Community

In case you missed it, the exceptional performance achieved by combining fiberglass insulation and air sealing cannot be overstated. The reduction of air infiltration, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced comfort make this duo a winning choice for any building project. As you embark on your insulation journey, consider the long-term benefits of fiberglass insulation and air sealing for your home.

Learn more about the power of fiberglass insulation and air sealing from our President, Renee Wilson, and our Operations Manager, Brian Auman. Our insulation team has been committed to creating energy efficient homes and buildings in the Madison community and beyond since 1983. Contact us today to seek professional advice and schedule an energy audit to ensure your home building project is tailored for top-notch performance.