“This was a project I had considered doing myself and after spending some time getting it started, it became apparent that I needed to call someone. I opted to call Rockweiler. The quote can be higher than what you might expect, but as it turns out there is quite a bit more work involved that just blowing insulation in. In terms of time, perhaps the last 15%-20% of the actual time spent on the project is blowing the insulation in. In our case we had Larry and Louie (I hope I have those names right) come to our house to do the work. Prior to starting Larry explained their plan and invited me up into the attic to talk about if I wanted. I left them at their work for about 4-5 hours and stopped back in to check on how things were progressing. Larry was glad to explain where things were at. They were getting close to the point where they’d blow the insulation in and things were going well. I poked around in the attic and noticed the workmanship which was better than what I would have done, and far more complete. I’d even call it impressive. I left the house so that they could wrap up and finish their day. When I came home everything was cleaned up and as neat as it could be. The attic, a sea of insulation. If you are so lucky as to get Larry and Louie doing your work, you are in good hands. Thanks guys.”